RX 101 Product Feature


RX 101 is a liquid, all-purpose cleaner with unique abilities in cleaning, free-rinsing and deodorizing. It is 100% synthetic for better removal of greasy, oily soil. It is highly chelated and made of liquid surfactants rather than powders to avoid leaving a film. RX 101 also contains Airicide® Odor Counteractant to leave areas fresh smelling wherever it is used.


Many liquid cleaners start as blends of powders that are dissolved and liquified. Because they start as powders, they dry to powders to leave a dulling film. RX 101 is different. It is a highly concentrated complex of LIQUID surfactants that are completely free-rinsing. It’s ideal for all cleaning, but especially the maintenance of “wet-look” floors where it will not dull the finish. Only 1/2 oz. per gallon of water handles many cleaning jobs.


RX 101 Success Stories:

“The distributor saved an account’s business because they solved a bathroom cleaning & odor problem. By foaming Rx 101 thru a foam gun, at 2-3 oz/gallon they cleaned & deodorized a bathroom for which the customer had issues.”

“Rx 101 is the best floor cleaner in which they have seen; dilute at 1-2 oz/gallon for most floors. If you get a chance to demo RX101, the sale is almost guaranteed.”

“My customer switched to RX101 as their kitchen and dining room floor cleaner in one of their long term care accounts. When people would come in to visit their elderly loved ones, they would often have a meal with them and they would say how clean it smelled.”

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