SDS & Specs

Products listed numerically. any questions email [email protected].


The links below are for full sheets of Avery #1564 pressure sensitive labels that you run in-house for use on spray bottles after the Airx products are mixed for use or poured from a larger container to a smaller one for use.

RX Pathogen Compliance Center   Product sheet

Spray N Go Product Sheet SDS

CitroRx Product sheet  CitroRX-SDS

RX 15 Cleaner, Disinfectant, Odor Counteractant    Product sheet   SDS

RX 17 Micro Cells    Product sheet   SDS

RX 19 Micro Cells    Product sheet   SDS

RX 20F Fabric & Carpet Air Freshener    Product sheet   SDS

RX 22 Odor Counteractant Spray    Product sheet   SDS

RX 23 Super Strength Space Spray    Product sheet   SDS

RX 29 Smoke & Foul Odor Eliminator    Product sheet   SDS

RX 30 Deo-Degreaser    Product sheet   SDS

RX 31 Super Sorbent    Product sheet   SDS

RX 32 Bio-Enzymatic Drain Opener    Product sheet   SDS

RX 33 Bio-Enzymatic Grease Trap & Drain Maintainer    Product sheet   SDS

RX 34 Trash & Dumpster    Product sheet   SDS

RX 44HDQ Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 44ACE Neutral pH Disinfectant Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 44EBO Disinfectant Cleaner    Product Sheet   SDS

RX 60 Super Strength Foul Odor Eliminator    Product sheet   SDS

RX 66 Bio-Enzymatic Odor Digester    Product sheet   SDS

RX 71 Acidulated Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 75 Spray & Wipe Disinfectant/Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 75 Fresh Herbal Scent    Product sheet   SDS

RX 75 Disinfectant Wipes Product Sheet SDS

RX 77 Non-Acid Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 77 Plus Non-Acid Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner    Product Sheet   SDS

RX 78+ Portion Control Disinfectant Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 79+ Hospital Disinfectant Spray    Product sheet   SDS

RX 80 Sanitizing Carpet Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 82 Soil Resistant Carpet Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 85 Carpet & Space Deodorizer    Product sheet   SDS

RX 89+Germicidial Foam Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 99 Water Soluable Deodorizer    Product sheet   SDS

RX 100 100% Active Odor Counteractant Spray    Product sheet   SDS

RX 101 All Purpose Odor Counteractant Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 109A Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 109 FST Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner    Product sheet   SDS

RX 109 EBO Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner    Product Sheet   SDS

RX 110 Urinal Cage    Product sheet   MSD

RX 115 Urinal Screen    Product sheet   MSD

RX 120 Toilet Rim Hanger    Product sheet   MSD

RX 200 Hand Sanitizer    Product sheet   MSD

RX 420 Fragrance-Free Smoke & Odor Eliminator Product sheet  MSD

RX 2000 Deodorized Stripper    Product sheet   MSD

RX 2001 Stain Shield Sealer    Product sheet   MSD

RX 2002 Odor Controlled Floor Finish    Product sheet   MSD

RX 2003 Maximizer Spray Buff    Product sheet   MSD

RX 2005 Cleaner, Restorer    Product sheet   MSD