RX 420


Gone are the days of being bombarded with overpowering fragrances that can trigger allergies and cause headaches. Our RX 420 fragrance-free formula is perfect for those who prefer a more natural and subtle approach to odor control. You’ll be able to breathe easy and enjoy the benefits of a clean and odor-free space without any added scents.

Cigarette, vaping, and marijuana smoke can all leave behind odor residue that is very hard to remove. Also, it is effective against spicy food odors, and can be used in dining areas without concern of negatively impacting the taste of the food being served.

RX 420 is easy to use: If the odors are not that intense, a few sprays in the air is all it takes. If in a hotel room or apartment, spray the air, curtains & upholstery since fabrics absorb smoke. For mild smoke and food odors spray the carpeting near the door…So that each time the door is opened, it brushes over that section on the carpet & refreshes the room. If you need to treat a large area or one with heavy smoke odors, we suggest using a ULV fogging unit. Ask customer service for a list of suggested foggers for use. 

Click here to download the OSHA and TJC statement paper
RX-420 OSHA and Joint Commission Information

Available in Quarts, 6 per case.
RX-420 is an Airborne odor control product.