RX 17

RX 17 Stick-on Odor Counteractants

RX 17 odor counteractants truly erase foul odors and freshen the air, and they do so for weeks. They are not just perfume, and do not just mask foul odors with a stronger odor. They contain AIRICIDE® (the proprietary odor counteractant in all Airx products), that erases bad odors by merging with odors in the air to change their size and shape causing the olfactory nerve to perceive the odor as different, and more pleasant than it would have been. The AIRICIDE® is encapsulated in millions of microscopic size cells for steady release. The capsules will not spill as will liquids, nor will they shrink or skim over to reduce effectiveness as do gels, and they need no cabinets. Each aerodynamically molded microcell is in its own easy-open, easy-close canister.


Stick On – Pressure sensitive adhesive tabs on each RX 17 cap- sule allow them to be affixed under sinks, cabinets, under toilets and in other hidden spots.

Reclosable – Just opening many competitive products is about the end of them because they can’t be re-closed. RX 17’s last longer when in use, and they can also be closed when not needed to further extend their effectiveness.


Not just perfume or a mask. Not a desensitizer. No dilution required. The AIRX proprietary odor counteractant based on the scientifically accepted concept that by changing the size and shape of the odor molecule in the air, the olfactory nerve will no longer perceive the odor as unpleas- ant, as it would have originally.

The RX 17 microcells are molded to provide maximum surface for release and flow of AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant. Capillary action in the microcells releases the AIRICIDE® gradually and steadily – 24 hours a day, day after day.

Availabile in Airicide, Mountain Mist, Aquatic Mist fragrances notes.
RX 17 is a Airborne odor control product.