RX 60


RX 60 is an all purpose, broad use foul odor eliminator that is very concentrated and water soluble making it versatile for multiple applications. RX 60 is formulated with Airicide odor counteractant to change the geometries of odorous molecules so they are not perceived as unpleasant. This special formulation is many times more effective than ordinary deodorizers on a much wider array of odors. RX 60 works instantly to leave a pleasant residual effect as well.

To use, just pour, squirt or spray some RX 60 on the source of the foul odor. Due to RX60’s water solubility, it can be added to cleaning solutions at any level desired to deodorize. Examples include carpet cleaning, rinse water, laundry rinse cycles, and toilet cleaning solutions.

RX60 can even be diluted with water to make a refresh- ing deodorizer spray. It works quickly to counteract odors caused by animals, sickness, bathroom use, incontinence, food decomposition, cooking, cigar & cig- arette smoke, and many other odor sources.

Availabile in Pints, Gallons, Drums & Totes.
RX 60 is a Surface, Sub-Surface & Airborne odor control product.