RX Scentinel Cabinets


RX Scentinel cabinets are designed to fit RX microcell products to disperse odor counteractant and eliminate odors. With both active and passive cabinet designs, the Scentinel cabinets can eliminate and counteract odors in a variety of situations. Using RX Microcell products, the cabinets can provide odor control for up to 60 days in some situations. All powered cabinets use D sized batteries to make up keep and service on the cabinets simple. No more stocking odd sized batteries or multiple sizes for different cabinets.

RX Scentinel and Scentinel Jr. is a Airborne odor control product to be used in conjunction with RX 17 and RX 19E.


  • Newly designed cabinet made just for RX 19E microcells
  • Easy to load tray for mounting the RX 19E microcells
  • The Scentinel cabinet will hold up to three RX 19E microcells
  • One D size battery will power the cabinet for 60 days of continuous use.
  • Locking key and mounting template, instructions and hardware included.
  • Packed 1 per box, takes one D size battery.


  • No fan/passive cabinet that holds one RX19E microcell
  • Ideal for small areas where there is natural air movement like the back of a door or in a hall way.
  • Thirty day life of the RX19E microcells offer an inexpensive passive method of odor control.
  • Holds a single RX19E microcell
  • Packed 12 per case.


  • The personal size Scentinel cabinet.
  • Can be stand on a flat surface or wall mounted
  • Uses one RX 17 microcell
  • Small and compact so it fits on your desk or out of the way spot.
  • Continuous odor control for 1 month.
  • Uses a single D battery
  • Packed 1 per box, takes one D size battery