Up-to-date information on Monkeypox Pathogen Control


Bullen brand disinfectants effective against viruses similar to Monkeypox

Bullen and Airx have received news that EPA has started a new list for tracking products that are effective against viruses similar to the monkeypox (like they did with CoV2).

EPA’s Emergency Guidance allows manufacturers to receive special permission to advertise their products for use against emerging viral pathogens during public health outbreaks. The intent of EPA’s guidance is to “expedite the process for registrants to provide useful information to the public” regarding products that may be effective against emerging pathogens

With this post is a pdf with the Bullen branded products that are on the new list “Q”.  Not all disinfectants can make the claims as being effective and it is not due to their strength. It is based on if the label already had been modified to contain the info on the Emerging Virtual Pathogen policy on their master label. Click here to download the PDF.

Click here to download the info on the EPA “Q” list


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